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Real Onigokko may refer to . Real Onigokko, a Japanese film starring Takuya Ishida Tag Real Onigokko in Japanese , a Japanese film "Real Onigokko" song , a single by the singer KOTOKO For the Japanese game of Onigokko, see tag game . REAL ONIGOKKO category Entertainment. rating more Play Next Vid Kuro no Taiyou ."Real Onigokko" is Kotoko's tenth maxi single under Geneon Entertainment, released on . The title track was used as the theme song for the Japanese science fiction thriller movie of the same title, launched in Japan in , starring Takuya Ishida and Mitsuki Tanimura .. Watch video Tag, the first of these films semi available to Western viewers, is an ambitious if modestly budgeted exercise in surrealist dream horror. Sono's film takes inspiration and its Japanese title, "Riaru Onigokko" "Real Tag" , from a popular science fiction thriller by teen lit superstar Yusuke Yamada..Previously, I've shared Kento's interview cut. This time it's the full Making of Real Onigokko raw which is over mins long. Love the part where he tried to be the oni, fooling around with Arai Atsushi!.Notes Based on the novel by Yamada Yusuke. The Chasing were released in consecutive weeks as a trilogy. The story for this trilogy differs from the original novel and the first two Chasing World movies as the targets are humans with blood type B rather than people with the Sato family name.. Real Onigokko is a chase movie where a lot of weird stuff happens and it never slowed down for me to think too much. Triendl Reina does a decent job of looking scared and screaming throughout the movie..The real chasing game "Onigokko" that targets people named "Sato". Notes Based on novel "Real Onigokko" by Yusuke Yamada published by Bungeisha Publishing Co.,Ltd. .. Set in a near future where people whose last names are "Sato" become targets of a real tag, and when they are caught, they get killed. Stars Kanata Hong , Fumika Shimizu, Ry sei Yokohama Next .

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